Albert Lee Recording Session @ Penzing Records

Trevor Junior Dubplate Session @ Penzing Records

The Chaos Circle - Starchild

Profundkontra - WAM

Profundkontra - Ein Wochenende wie jedes andere

THE chaos circle - where to from here

Monika Holzmann / Emmerich Haimer - Nostalgias

The Chaos Circle - Rush Hour

Recorded and Mixed @ Penzing Records

Drum Tracking Session - Maghreb Vibration

Studio Session - Arms House Champian (Jamdown Rockers) @ Penzing Records (Vienna)

Profundkontra - Studio Impressionen @ Penzing Records


Profundkontra - Tango For A While
Recorded and Mixed @ Penzing Records

All Against My Mind

Beim Recording der Group Shouts von "Opression", check it out!

und das komplette "Studio Making Of" von "Opression"